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Xposure has been designed to strengthen organized Real Estate by filling the consumer demand for digital content.

Content Creation

The Xposure App enables industry service providers to easily publish content to the system. To view examples of the type of interactive content being provided please click on the listings below.

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Real Estate Board Portal

A listing portal is created for the Real Estate Board's web site. Every board listing is displayed through the portal with the media being displayed through Xposure. View the example below to see how this portal works.

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Brokerage Portals

Brokerages are provided with a listing portal which can be integrated into the corporate website. All non-brokerage reciprocity listings feature a Realtor® On Duty. View these examples below to see how the portal works.

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Agent Portals

Every Agent is provided with a personalized listing portal which can be incorporated into the various aspects of the Agent's online presence. View these examples below to see how the portal works.

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Agent Tools

Xposure puts the power back in the hands of the Agent by providing a full featured website for every listing. The system also builds a Business Page for each agent, and if the agent already has a website, the system provides a personalized listing portal to add to their existing website. View the examples below to see an agent's homepage.

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The Xposure Design Center enables agents to quickly and easily build all their print materials. View the examples below to take a closer look.

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Media Reciprocity

Xposure takes organized Real Estate to a new level with Media Reciprocity. Agents now have the option to share their media across other Brokerage and Agent listing portals. View the listings below to see how this reciprocity of media works.


As new technologies in content creation continue to emerge, industry Photographers can now export their media directly into Autoload, which simultaneously loads the listing to the Xposure and the Boards back end system. This process makes it easy for all Agents to build great content around their listings giving consumers the ultimate search experience.

"Xposure is taking the real estate industry to the next level! We are blown away by the tremendous potential that Xposure brings to the real estate industry, by introducing an innovative concept of reciprocity and mutual collaboration. Xposure’s efficient system connects brilliantly the missing links between the real estate board’s software to professional media providers and printing companies, allowing us to integrate our efforts and deliver our work faster than ever before"

Mia Dominguez
Managing Director
Artez Photography Corporation


Floor Plans

Floor plans and an aerial image of a property can be made interactive with the Xposure App for Photographers. Photos, panoramas, videos, as well as drone footage, can be overlaid creating a fully interactive user experience. The floor plan technology in MagicPlan enables you to build floor plans on site with just a tablet and a laser meter, but any floor plan image can be utilized.

iGuide Property Tour & Floor Plans

The Ultimate 3D Listing Tool for Real Estate. WIth iGUIDE property tours, buyers don't just see the home, they see themselves living there. Our 3D tours let users experience the home down to the smallest detail, with the clarity of stepping though the front door. See, Plan, Explore. Help buyers plan and make the right decision by giving them 24/7 access to visit the space and floor plans to assist with planning and purchases.

3D Showcase

The 3D Showcase technology by Matterport is an excellent option for content creation. The camera is easy to use, and the finished product is both visually stunning and user-friendly

Video Tour

A video tour can be quickly and easily built within the Xposure App, using the Ken Burns effect and seamless photo transitions. If a custom video is built for the property, it can be uploaded and linked to the property website. (Note: The Video Tour is not shared via Media Reciprocity)

Getting Started

If you are a professional photographer or service provider, and Xposure is available in your area, please set up your free account below and then contact us directly. Once we have been able to educate you on the process we will then sync your account with Xposure.



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Help Is Here

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The Xposure Public Side listing platform will work for Boards with a reciprocity agreement in place. To learn more about how Xposure would work for your Board, please feel free to contact us through the link below.

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